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Tools and Equipment

AP100 (air cushions)

The new and compact Airpad AP100 table air cushion machine from Fromm is user-friendly and ideal for decentralized packing stations. The different cushion sizes allow for the production of the most suitable cushions for superior product protection.

AP150 (Air bubbles)

The new compact bubble-on-demand solution from FROMM. With a reduced footprint and easy integration, the AP150 can be placed directly at the workstation to improve productivity and working conditions.

Case Sealer

Case sealers are essential tools for packaging products during handling. They are used to quickly seal cardboard boxes with adhesive paper to ensure optimal protection of products during transport and storage. There are different models of sealing machines. They can be manual or automatic, depending on your company’s needs and your budget. They are generally easy to use, reliable and can be used with different types of tapes to ensure optimal use.

Paperpad (paper air cushion)

A patented innovative system of compact paper cushioning material designed to address the reduction in box dimensions. Blade-free and with a 10-second loading time for safe, quiet, and economical use, the Paperpad provides the right amount of paper per box when paired with the SmartFill scanner. Exceptionally compact, it integrates easily into any packaging line.

Plastic Belt Strapping Machine

The plastic strapping machine for packaging ensures a fast and efficient closing of your packages. Equipped with adjustable clamping rollers, it is adaptable to different strap thicknesses. Reliable and durable, this machine offers you a simple and fast solution to close your packages safely.

Strapping tools for metal straps

Strapping tools for metal straps are essential for the safe and durable sealing of products in packaging. They are available in different sizes and shapes to fit various types of containers. Their metal construction ensures long life and reliable performance. Used in combination with metal strapping, they provide reliable protection of products during transportation and storage.
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  • Hand Tools, Combination Tools and Air Tools
  • Strapping tools for metal straps
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Strapping tools for plastic strapping

Strapping tools for plastic straps are an efficient, lightweight and economical solution for packaging products. They are easy to use and provide a quick and reliable seal for your product shipping boxes. They are available in several sizes and colors and are suitable for different types of plastic strapping. Their durability is ensured through high quality materials. Several options are available to meet your specific needs.

  • Strapping tools for plastic strapping
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  • Hand tools, combination tools, battery tools and pneumatic tools

Stretch wrapping machine

Pallet wrapping can be a challenge for companies. Fortunately, the stretch wrapper can help you overcome these challenges. It can easily wrap entire pallets, keeping products in place during shipping and handling. This system saves you time and money, while ensuring the safety and quality of your products during transport.

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