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Strapping belts and strapping bands

Metal Straps and Clasps

Metal pallet straps are sturdy, durable and can support heavier loads during transport. The metal clasp provides a secure hold on the belt and additional security for your products. These metal belts can be used in many industries to transport your bulk products.

Polyester belts with clasps

Polyester straps with pallet clasps are break and tear resistant, making them ideal for securing heavy loads during transport. The solid metal clasp ensures quick and reliable fastening of the strap around the pallet. Easy to clean and maintain, these belts are great for repeated use and are also made from recycled materials.

Polypropylene belts and clasps

Polypropylene pallet belts are strong, durable and safe. They are resistant to abrasion, moisture and discoloration. They can be easily adjusted to the size of the pallet thanks to the solid metal clasp. These straps are ideal for holding heavy loads in place during transportation and storage. They are also economical and easy to use, making them popular in many industries.

Rope straps and clasps

Rope straps and pallet clasps are essential for the safe transport of heavy loads on pallets. Rope straps are easily adjusted to fit the load and clasps keep the load in place on the pallet during transport. The quality of our rope straps and heavy duty clasps ensure the safety of your products.

  • Available widths from 1/2 to 1 ¼

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