Custom saw cuts and CNC cutting

Custom saw cuts or CNC cutting? Industries FM responds to all your requests for cutting plastics, polycarbonate, ABS, acrylic, ACM/aluminum composite, PVC foam, UHMV polyethylene, HDPE, coroplast. Using your files, we can do two-axis cutting with our Multicam Apex 3R milling machine.

Custom packaging

The measurements of your packaging products are unusual. Our sales representatives will help you find the custom items you need, whether plastic, cardboard, bags, labels, or stickers.

Delivery service

Industries FM has created its own distribution network to respond to your requests within a few days. Our five delivery trucks go back and forth to Montreal, Laval, Montérégie, Lower Laurentians, Eastern Townships, Centre-du-Québec and Beauce to bring you your products quickly. Our goal is to deliver your order within two business days.

Research and development

Industries FM assists you in finding plastic or related industrial packaging products currently unavailable. Whether you are looking for an eco-friendly item, an unusual size or a particular type of product, we will take the necessary measures to track down what you need.