Our mission

As a human-size company, we offer innovative products adapted to the needs of each of our customers. Our family values steer our team to be attentive and provide ultra-personalized services. Thanks to a network of international partners, Industries FM devotes constant efforts to be recognized as the Quebec leader in industrial packaging and plastic products.


Packaging and industrial products, a family affair

Created over 35 years ago, Industries FM has remained a family business for three generations. Passion and standards of excellence have been passed down over time. Today, Industries FM perpetually reinvents itself and exceeds the limits to satisfy the growing needs of its clientele, and finds innovative products while refining its customized offers.


A personalized approach, a valued supplier

In need of packaging or specific products? Our sales representatives are always attentive to your concerns and will seek the solution for you, even if the product you require is not currently available at Industries FM. Thanks to our extensive network of partners and research and development, we can find new packaging, plastic, house cleaning products, and much more!

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We deliver more than just products;
we package happiness.

Community spirit

At work and at home

Industries FM is a wonderful place to work because of its keen sense of family and friendship. Pool parties, team lunches and casual Fridays are not unusual. The office gym, work-family balance and our people-first vision allow you to blossom at the office and at home!

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The importance of private life

Even though we want you to be completely happy at work, you still have to enjoy life. So, Industries FM gives its employees Friday afternoons off from June to August. And get this: we pay for your hours!

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Competitive salary

Fair wages

It’s simple! When you start working at Industries FM, we do everything to keep you for as long as we can because we want you to stay and join our family. Our employees’ salaries show how much we appreciate them and their hard work.

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