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It’s no mystery, the industrial wrapper has been stealing the show from manual packaging for quite some time. And for good reason: these machines offer an accelerated packaging process, and are as, if not more, careful than humans! And to top it off, they organize the goods wonderfully on pallets, making them easier to store. They can not only save you time, but also money and warehouse space. But how? Let’s find out together!

Reduce waste with industrial stretch wrappers

Did you know that most companies are concerned with the problems of waste and loss of products during transportation? This is particularly the case if their packaging needs have not been properly assessed. Using an industrial packaging solution, such as industrial stretch wrappers, can be a good option to reduce the chances of over- or under-packaging. One of the advantages of this machine is that it provides optimal protection of the packaged products.

The industrial packaging machine takes care of all aspects of packaging, but above all, it optimizes packaging, secures it, and uses only the quantity of material that is needed. Since waste also comes from material losses caused by breakage, we can plan to fill the boxes with polystyrene, in order to protect their fragile contents. We can also secure pallets with sturdy straps (rope, metal or polyester) and clasps, which hold the goods firmly in place. Moreover, by stabilizing your goods, you drastically reduce the risk of them slipping and moving during transportation. This is something to consider in order to avoid reshipping costs and possible delays.

Use industrial stretch wrappers to increase your productivity

Mistakes happen. But when it is on the scale of a large quantity of merchandise, the loss of time and money can be very frustrating. Fortunately, industrial packaging solutions, such as industrial wrappers, have an extreme degree of precision in order to reduce any margin of error. To save time and be more efficient in order management, you can use machines specifically designed to manage the packaging of your products.

Stretch wrappers, strapping machines and box sealers; all these devices have a precise function, which will save you precious time. By delivering the exact amount of stretch wrap, the machine helps to optimally wrap your products, but also reduce waste. And since they process a number of goods in a record time, they relieve your workforce. Your team can then focus on the vital operations of your business. Conserve the energy of your employees for essential tasks, your productivity will be even better.

Reduce the cost of your labor

It goes without saying that the human touch remains essential in many sectors and many positions. However, there are also tasks that can be automated. This automation benefits not only the company as a whole but also the employees. Staff assigned less repetitive tasks are happier and perform better. You also give them the opportunity to create added value and participate directly in the success of the company.

And then, instead of creating a team that will only have to take care of packing, securing and strapping, why not, for example, invest in a machine capable of taking care of everything? This reduces the chances of errors occurring, you save considerable time, and you save on the cost of the training required for these tasks. This gives you the opportunity to focus on recruiting a qualified and efficient workforce for the key positions in your company.

Optimize space with an industrial packaging solution

At a time when the price per square foot is skyrocketing, it is relevant to think about optimizing the space available. With well-packed, well-stacked and structured goods, it is easy to solve this problem. On your side, as long as your products have not left the warehouse, the use of the volume available vertically makes it possible to declutter the floor. It is a considerable asset for the organization of your spaces. You will find the products you are looking for more quickly, but it will also be easier to load them for dispatch when the time comes.

On the customer side, it is easy to imagine their satisfaction when receiving all these stocks, so well organized. And without material losses, please! Moreover, the many options offered in industrial packaging can be personalized with your brand and logo. This is a great opportunity to promote the image of your company!

Find the best packaging solution with advice from our experts

Industrial stretch wrappers, box sealers, automatic or semi-automatic dispensers: industrial packaging solutions are numerous and suitable for all types of needs. Whatever your budget, it is possible to save time and improve your productivity by fully or partially automating this process. Our team of experts is at your disposal to help you in your research; do not hesitate to contact us.

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