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If you’re reading this, chances are you’re tired of your goods’ corners getting damaged during storage or transport. Well, you’ll be glad to learn that among our packaging solutions, we offer specific protections dedicated to their safeguarding. Discover our customized industrial cardboard corner protectors and their applications.

What is an industrial cardboard corner protector?

A corner protector is a piece placed on the corners of boxes, frames, or any other item to protect them from impacts, friction, or crushing. Corner protectors are made of sturdy and thick cardboard, and their volume, width, and thickness can be customized for all types of merchandise. To enhance their strength, corner protectors can also be equipped with foam to better absorb impacts. Since transportation or storage conditions can vary greatly, it is possible to choose corner protectors that are resistant to moisture and handling.

When a corner protector is custom-made, it takes into account the size of the package or merchandise, the climate in which it will transit, and the surface to which the corner protector must adhere. In situations where speed is essential, its installation must be easy. It must hold in place perfectly for the entire duration of its use, and there are also different ways to attach them. Some corner protectors are attached with adhesive, while others require no glue. Whether it’s in an angled, pre-cut, or “L” shape, there is a corner protector for every type of packaged item.

What are the applications of industrial cardboard corner protectors?

In the industrial packaging industry, corner protectors are regularly used to ensure the safety of goods. It’s a common practice when transporting furniture, artworks, or electronic equipment. Crates and boxes are equipped with industrial cardboard corner protectors, which also facilitate their stability. Yes, in addition to protecting goods, they prevent slippage and make stacking easier. This is particularly valuable when, for example, many items need to be placed on a forklift.

Using corner protectors can be wise to protect the corners and edges of fragile goods, such as glass or ceramic objects. In the furniture industry, they preserve the integrity of furniture corners and prevent scratches. They are also very useful in the art industry, which requires precautions when transporting sculptures or frames to galleries and museums. Finally, custom-made corner protectors also protect screens, electronic components, or appliances by minimizing the impact of shocks and vibrations during their journey.

Custom Printed Cardboard Corners: Why Choose This Solution?

Broken or damaged goods during transport is never good news. It leads to delivery delays, additional costs, and customer dissatisfaction. And if you own a small or medium-sized enterprise, this scenario could be catastrophic for your business.

By improving the packaging and protection of your goods, you first offer a positive image of your brand to your customers and partners. A company that takes care of its goods is appreciated for its attention to detail and professionalism. For handlers, it also ensures fewer unforeseen issues when handling goods. Additionally, you can personalize the corner protectors and have your logo printed on them.

But it’s also a smart move to use the required amount of packaging. By specifically protecting the most fragile parts of your packages, there’s no need to over-package the entire merchandise. This is convenient for saving on packaging costs while reducing the risk of waste.

For large quantities of goods, corner protectors have the advantage of equalizing the packages. It becomes easier to store them and optimize the available space on a pallet or in a warehouse. It’s also an asset to keep them securely in place throughout their journey.

As you can see, industrial cardboard corner protectors are a suitable solution for saving both time and money, two valuable commodities. Furthermore, they can adapt to all types of shapes and can be recycled once they are used.

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