Our mission is to make your experience as our customer as enjoyable and satisfying as possible. For more than 30 years in the field of distribution, our experience and expertise have enabled us to develop an international network of manufacturers and suppliers recognized worldwide for their innovation and product quality.

Our continuous improvement process is the very source of our employees training. Our professional team is always looking for innovative and effective products to meet your needs while ensuring that they are beneficial and cost effective for your business.

Diversity, availability, and stability are our priorities at Industries FM inc. In today’s market, the ability to respond quickly and effectively to customer demands is crucial. It is therefore important to rely on a full and varied inventory and be familiar with the product use cycle.

Industries FM inc. has been the partner of choice for hundreds of local, national, and international companies for over 30 years. The trust and loyalty afforded to us is a result of the passion that drives us and the standards of excellence that we strive to offer you daily.