Material of choice for its high resistance to abrasion, chemicals, and moisture. Available in several versions for applications such as slides, conveyors, bulk containers, rollers, and various parts. Food X-ray detectable

  • 10 times more resistant to abrasion than steel
  • Auto lubricant, friction coefficient greater than those of acetal and nylon
  • Low levels of moisture absorption, won’t rot
  • Resistant to corrosive products except certain acids
  • Ideal for machining of mechanical parts
  • Eco-friendly and recyclable
  • Virgin or recycled material on request
  • Standard size 48″ x 96″ or 48″ x 120″
  • Thicknesses: .125″ to 2″ in stock, others on request
  • Standard colors: natural (white) or black
  • Sheets, tubes, rods, and shapes